10 Things Not to Miss in New York City

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

New York is a big city full of endless opportunities, adventures and things to do. New York City has become one of my favourite cities in the world. You could spend endless amount of days here but for those who are on a time limit, here are my 10 things not to miss.

10. 9/11 Memorial

11th September 2001 is now a day that will go down in our history. Visiting Ground Zero is something I always knew I has to do when I got to New York City. Very interesting and very emotional.

9. 5th Avenue

Although there is shopping all over New York city, 5th Avenue is one of the worlds most famous shopping streets. If you love the name brands this is the street or you. Even if you don't want to spend all of your money shopping, these shops are so big and elegant it's great to window shop. The shops range from your high street to designer brands.

8. Times Square

Times Square is very overrated but it is one of the most iconic sights of New York. I would describe Times square as one of those places that once you've seen you don't need to see again (but you still have to see it). Going to Times square at night is great to see all the neon light signs lighting up the square. If you love people watching, also a great place, you're bound to see some crazy things happening here.

7. Brooklyn Bridge

Another Iconic sight of New York City, connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. You see it in all the movies and it is an iconic sight of New York. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is something I highly recommend. The day I walked across the bridge it was pouring with rain (note: you will get saturated). You get some great views of the city from the bridge and even in the rain it was a fun experience, there was also no one else on the Bridge which was a plus.

Brooklyn Bridge

6. See a Broadway

You can't come to New York and not see one of their iconic Broadway shows. There are so many to choose from, there is something for everyone. You can usually go to the theatre on the day and get cheap tickets or else there are booths in Times Square where you can buy discounted tickets.

5. Top of the Rock

As far as tourist attractions go, going to the top of the Rockefeller Centre was my favourite. You see some stunning views of New York city and some amazing photo opportunities. You get views from all directions of the city and you can see the famous Empire State and Chrysler Buildings as well as some great views of Central Park. Although it can get rather crowded up the top there it is a great place to appreciate just how big and wonderful New York City really is.

4. The Highline

The Highline is an old train line through the city that they have turned into a magnificent park and walk. You can get some great views walking along the Highline as well as some nice time away from the busy city.

3. Central Park

You can't come to New York and not visit central Park. A wonderful place to have a picnic, hire bikes or just wander round and get lost in the trees. It's so amazing that such a big park can be in the middle of the city. If you are there in fall time like I was the orange leaves are absolutely stunning making the park magical.

2. Chelsea Market

If you are a food lover this is a great place to check out. These markets are food heaven, you can find all types of food from around the world and all different types of sweets and desserts. My favourite was the fresh pasta which was absolutely delicious, we even came back the next day for more.

1. Soho

Soho is a very trendy area in Manhattan, Soho referring to South of Houston street is worth a visit if you are in Manhattan. If you want to go shopping, Soho is a great place to check out. The streets are full of boutique shops as well as some of the chain stores. It's a great area for restaurants and cafes you are sure to find some great food in the area. You really feel like your in New York walking around the streets of Soho.